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From Saint Cyril to Orfelin

Today it can be determined with quite precision the time when the first Slavic script was designed. The question remains – who is its author?

Miroslav's Gospel in Typography

Miroslav's Gospel is the oldest Serbian Cyrillic manuscript and also the inspiration for various typographic interpretations

Use of Serbian Cyrillic in Computers

Many users of text editing software noted a problem that appears when in text they have Cyrillic cursive letters т, п, г, д

Peter the Great Reforms

At the end of the 17 th century Peter 1st the Great created big and powerful state. One of his important merits was reform of the script used in book printing

Miloš Ćirić (1931-1999)

On author’s books by Miloš Ćirić. Some of them are presented here

Nicolaus Jenson

Jenson was a publisher, a printer and a letter author. The books he published were printed in Antiqua he had cut himself.

Calligraphic Typefaces

The first typefaces imitated the shapes of the current calligraphic models…

A Short Insight into a Book Shaping Skill

Shaping a book is a complicated project . The layout of the books was always in accordance with the current art movements.

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