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Luxurious Belgrade Tetraevangelion, Politika, August 2002

The first book had been printed in Belgrade 450 years ago

On the Choice of Typeface

The legibility of a typeface has an exact parallel in the audibility of a human voice

Makarije's Handicraft

Oktoechos for Tone I is the first book printed in the Balkans in the Serbian Cyrillic

Jan Tschichold

To look at him, you might think that he was a kindly professor of Latin, or perhaps classical literature

Bird in Hand, Print LIX:II

During his reign at Penguin Books, Jan Tschichold ruled the composition room with the iron fist, a rubber stamp

Giambattista Bodoni, U&lc XII

In harmony with his "aristocratic" typefaces, Giambattista Bodoni lived a virtually aristocratic lifestyle

Schriftkunstmuseum Pettenbach

It is known far beyond the borders of Austria and in 2002 it celebrated its tenth anniversary: The Schrift-und Heimatmuseum in Pettenbach

Mexico 1968 / Rotterdam 2003

The story about a font which first appeared at the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968, and than in the Museum Boimans in Rotterdam

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